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Paella by the sea and a trip to the rice fields with Vidal Valle
Valencia Guías

Enjoy the taste of Spanish cuisine and idyllic beauty by the sea, by spending time with the famous war reporter Vidal Valle, who also happens to be a renowned travel photographer and portraitist, and a brilliant Valencian cook!

The native Valencian cook warmly welcomes you to his abode amidst the rice fields to be mesmerized by the nature and sweet songs of the birds.

Unique Experiences in Spain Reviews
Learn Mediterranean Cuisine from the best in Valencia
Valencia Guías

The famous Anglo-Burmese Chef, Steve Anderson will teach you exclusively his techniques and tips on Mediterranean cuisine that he has learned in more than thirty years as a chef in Valencia! 

The four hour experience includes transportation, cooking class and tasting for 2-6 people

Unique Experiences in Spain Reviews
Explore Mediterranean Cuisine with Chef Bernd Knöller
Valencia Guías

If you enjoy fine dining, spending a day with Michelin Chef Bernd Knöller is an unforgettable experience.

This gourmet experience includes:

  • Michelin Chef 4h
  • Visit to the Central Market with the Chef
  • Transport
  • Showcooking
  • Lunch at Riff restaurant
Unique Experiences in Spain Reviews
Enjoy Valencian food at Ricard Camarena Restaurant
Restaurante Ricard Camarena

Ricard Camarena is a benchmark of Valencian cuisine, his eponymous restaurant holds two Michelin Stars and three Repsol Suns. He was awarded in 2019 with the National Gastronomy Award as best head chef, an award granted by the Royal Academy of Gastronomy.

Ricard Camarena owns a cuisine of product, proximity and authentic flavors that, combined with a refined and exquisite technique, evolve to leave us with a smile in every bite.

The restaurant, located in the Bombas Gens Art Center, has an open kitchen where the chef receives customers and welcomes them and a room where elegance and good taste are breathed. Its location is no coincidence, because art is what he does in every dish.

Unique Experiences in Spain Reviews
Best Tapas in Valencia with Chef show cooking
Valencia Guías

Casa Montaña is one of the taverns with more tradition and personality in Valencia.

We will taste some good Spanish wines while learning how to cut a good Spanish ham, how to clean and prepare some anchovies and how to cook some tasty beach clóchinas (depending on the season), to later enjoy an exquisite Spanish tapas dinner in their private tasting room.


  • Guide 4h
  • Transportation
  • Cooking class and tasting
  • Alternative: Wine tasting
Unique Experiences in Spain Reviews

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